Privacy policy

  • reserves the right to store user-names,email addresses, IP addresses and logs of all player activity indifferently.
  • does not ask for or store any personal information such as name, addresses or phone numbers.
  • does not sell or give away any information about registered players to third parties under any circumstance.
  • All information collected is primarily used to prevent abuse and correctly track players under affiliates, however player data can also be used for the following:
    • To communicate with a player concerning questionable behavior or a customer service issues.
    • To improve a product or a service by providing personalized content recommendations, language and location customization.
    • To better understand how a product or service is used.
  • All user data is safely stored and all passwords one-way encrypted.
  • will never ask for your password under any circumstance.
  • may use cookies, but not to store personal or sensitive information. Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time.
Last updated 21.4.2013

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