1. What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an anonymous digital currency that can be used, bought and sold similarly to regular currencies. Bitcoin is unregulated and there is a finite amount that can ever exist.

To learn more about this revolutionary currency visit weusecoins.com or Bitcoin.org

2. How do I buy Bitcoins?

Bitcoin can be bought by sending a bank transfer to an "exchange service" such as Mt.Gox.com , Bitstamp.net or Coinbase.com.

Alternatively, its also possible to buy Bitcoins locally via Localbitcoins.com or even "mine" them if you have appropriate hardware.

There are also services that let you buy Bitcoins with debit cards, Paypal, Neteller, Moneybookers and other E-wallets, with a 2-5 percent fee.

3. How do I deposit Bitcoins?

Depositing Bitcoins on DarkBet.com is done by sending Bitcoins to your personal Bitcoin deposit address displayed in your DarkBet.com User panel.

Deposits are automatically credited and available to use after the first confirmation on the Bitcoin network (5-15 minutes).

4. Can I deposit with E-wallets, debit cards or other Cryptocurrencies?

No, Bitcoin is the only accepted deposit method.

5. Do I have to deposit to play?

No, DarkBet.com has daily freerolls and various promotions that give players a chance to build a bankroll from nothing.

There is also a PlayChips section for both Holdem and Omaha where new players can learn and enjoy poker.

6. How do I cashout/withdraw Bitcoins?

Cashing out/withdrawing Bitcoins is done by entering the amount of mBTC you wish to cashout in the DarkBet.com user panel.

Once the cashout is initiated a support ticket is created and the mBTC deducted. Normally all cashouts are processed within 5 - 30 minutes during normal work hours 09-18 (CET)

7. What is mBTC?

mBTC is the functioning currency of DarkBet.com and a smaller denomination of Bitcoin.

1 Bitcoin = 1000mBTC

8. What are VIP and DarkBet Points?

VIP Points (VIPP) are earned by playing poker and functions solely as a "VIP progress counter". VIPP can not be exchanged or used in any other way.

DarkBetPoints (DBP) are earned by playing poker similarly as VIPP, however they have real value and functions as a form of "Rakeback". DBP can be exchanged into mBTC using the DarkBet.com User panel

10 DBP = 1mBTC

The amount of VIPP/ DBP you earn per mBTC raked vary depending on your VIP level, to view the complete VIP structure go to 9.

9. How does the Loyalty program work?

All players start out as "Bronze" and get promoted as they earn VIP Points (VIPP) by playing poker. All VIP statuses are kept indefinitely regardless of inactivity and the VIP level progression can be viewed within the DarkBet.com user panel.

Complete VIP structure

Level Requirement 1mBTC raked = Value
Bronze(New player)2 VIPP/DBP(20% Rakeback)
Silver(3000 VIPP)2.5 VIPP/DBP(25% Rakeback)
Gold(30000 VIPP)3 VIPP/DBP(30% Rakeback)
Platinum(100000 VIPP)2.5 VIPP/DBP(35% Rakeback)
Diamond(300000 VIPP)4 VIPP/DBP(40% Rakeback)


To reach Gold VIP you need to generate 30000 VIPP, you will from then on earn 3 VIPP and DBP per mBTC raked and the value of that is equalient to 30% rakeback.

10. How does the Rakerace work?

At the end of each month the ten players who generate the most Rake win prizes ranging from 100 to 1000 mBTC. For the leader-board and prize structure click here

11. What is the BadBeat Jackpot?

The BadBeat jackpot (BBJ) is a promotion where a large pot is built up from collected poker rake and awarded to a very lucky table when someone loses with: "four of a kind, tens or better"

Only Hold-em cashgame tables are eligible and the BadBeat jackpot is divided up in the following way:

30% to the loser of the hand
15% to the winner of the hand
15% is divided equally to the other players on the table
30% is rolled over to the next BadBeat jackpot
10% is retained by DarkBet.com

12. How much is the rake?

Cash tables: 2% (+0.5% on BBJ tables) (Max 2mBTC)

MTT's: 5%

SnG's: 1mBTC = 3%, 5mBTC = 3%, 10mBTC = 2.5%, 25mBTC = 2%, 50mBTC = 2%, 100mBTC = 1.5%, 250mBTC = 1.5%, 500mBTC = 1%, 1000mBTC = 1%

13. How does the Sportsbook work?

When a bet is made the funds are automatically deducted and a receipt sent to the registered email address. Simultaneously a "Bet entry" is made within DarkBet.com's betting engine.

All odds are updated frequently based on movements in the market, these changes are submitted by third-party companies that DarkBet.com has partnered with. In some rare circumstances this may cause a particular odds to increase/decrease, clearly shown by a green or red arrow within the betslip.

Temp Beta restrictions:

  • - All bets are settled during normal working hours 09-18 (EST)
  • - For a short period it is not possible to place a bet with a higher payout than 1000mBTC
  • - Only 3way betting and these sports: NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL + 10 Soccer leagues are available. Long term however DarkBet.com will support all sports and bet types.
  • - There are no custom or live bets available at this time

14. Can I use the Sportsbook while playing poker?

Yes all of DarkBet.com's games can be used simultaneously.

15. Is the poker software safe?

Yes, our software provider is a well-known company that has successfully worked with and made software for real money cardrooms as well as other cryptocurrency rooms.

The software has also been reviewd by an independent and well known certification company iTech Labs Australia.

Additionally DarkBet.com as proprietary software to help fight collusion and fraud, alongside team members with experience from handling these issues at a real money cardroom.

And DarkBet.com has a VIP table system that prevent new signups to access certain freerolls, tournament and cash game tables.

16. Does the poker software work on MAC?

Unfortunately not, but we are working on it.

17. What does the colors on tournaments represent?

Some special/promotional tournaments are colored to distinguish them from regular tournaments.

Pink = Freeroll
Gold = Guaranteed prizepool
Blue = Special prizes (see lobby)
Green = Charity prizes (see lobby)

18. Are players from all countries welcome?

Yes, everyone is welcome to enjoy our games.

19. Do I need to send in any personal documents?

No, DarkBet.com believe in personal freedom and privacy and do not ask players for any personal/identifying information under any circumstances.

Please note however, DarkBet.com does collect and store IP addresses indefinitely to better prevent fraud and collusion.

For more information please read the TOS and PP

20. Are my Bitcoins safely stored?

Yes, keeping all funds segregated and safe is and will always be DarkBet.com's highest priority. In fact, DarkBet.com always has funds available to cover all player balances 2x.

To read more about how player funds are stored please click here

21. Can I use two-factor-authentication?

Yes, it is possible to activate it within the user panel under "Security" or within the poker software.

22. Can I register and play on more than one account?

No, that is strictly forbidden.
If a player is found to have abused our service by registering and playing on multiple accounts all funds will be confiscated, the player IP blocked and all associated players thoroughly review.

23. Can I share my account with a friend?

No, that is strictly forbidden.
It would be unfair towards other poker players and be a source of problems for DarkBet.com's support staff. Please do not let anyone else access your account, under any circumstance.

24. Will my account get deleted if I'm inactive?

No, all accounts are stored indefinitely and never deleted, unless requested.

25. Can I become an affiliate?

Our affiliate system is for the moment disabled. Estimated to be live early 2014.

26. If someone deposit allegedly stolen Bitcoins, what would DarkBet.com do?

Should this occur we will seek advice and assistance from community members on how to best approach the situation.

27. When will the Casino and Lottery games launch?

A rough estimate would be first half of 2014

28. I have a gambling problem, what should I do?

A gambling addiction can be a serious issue and greatly affect a persons life, family and friends. If you are in a situation where you feel you can not enjoy DarkBet.com's games in a healthy way, please let us know. We can put a limit or temp/perm hold on your account.

For professional guidance please visit:

No personal information required!

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